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This is an open letter to Mr Milliband, who will simply ignore what I say.

Dear Mr Milliband,

You are leader of the Labour Party, which, until now, has always been the 'soft end' of communism. I think perhaps the nation forgets what socialism is all about, whether it is founded on communism or fascism.

Cameron now owns the fascism label, so you must take the communist label. This is well deserved, given your intention to criminalise genuine Christians with seven years prison if we say anything that is not PC about either Islam or homosexuality.

I want to ask you something – WHO will be next on your Stalinesque list? What about those of us who reject the false science of environmentalism concerning climate change?

Or, why not go for those of us who reject the ridiculous non-science of evolution?

Or, what about those who do not like very hot curries, or who write with our left-hand?

I ask because your intention, to imprison those who will not obey your homosexual and Islamic mantras, is NOT based on known facts. Islam has openly said it will kill all Christians and Jews, and even Muslims who refuse to be as hard-line as ISIS. Every day ordinary Muslims kill, maim and burn-out, Christians in most Islamic countries! That makes Islam as fascist as Hitler's Nazi regime.

So, what is your basis for forcing us to accept Islam?

And what about homosexuality? It is proven to be unnatural, unhealthy in the extreme (causing millions to die), totally immoral, and is also fascist in its denial of free speech and its desire to use illogical laws against us. Most homosexuals (male and female) admit they want sex with children and want to ban Christianity and punish us for voicing legitimate concerns. Free society? Hm., don't think so!

So, Sir, what is your excuse for bringing even worse punishment upon us? There is none that fits logic or intellectual truth. You are trying to impose something Blair would be proud of.

He tried the same legalistic approach to force the UK to accept multiculturalism. His Race guru at the time recently made a TV programme admitting Blair and he were very wrong, and their idea of forcing us to comply by law had the reverse effect! Yet, now you are going to repeat the same sadistic format. Socialism is a failed force. You know you can't win by argument.

This is why you intend forcing Christians by law to accept what we cannot accept... at least not those of us who are genuine Christians.

We envisage you laughing at us, and at this letter. You know that the government can do whatever it likes, because that is what successive governments have done for the past two decades.

Law is used in this draconian fashion ONLY when the one imposing it has no argument!

If you allowed both homosexuals and Islamists to shout out their arguments in the market-place of ideas, we know they would fail. If the public had the actual facts concerning Islam and homosexuality, they would be shocked and would reject them. But, for communistic reasons you and your Party want to put us in grave danger, not just from these entities, but from the government itself, who is already punishing so many of us simply for believing the Bible.

You have no argument. You are anti-intellect and anti-truth. You impose law because of your hatred for Christians and God (Jesus Christ said this in John), and your love for those who, like your Party, also hate us. You do so because this is part and parcel of communist rule.

But, after millions died in Russia under Stalin, Russia eventually came to its senses, and the things it previously banned are now given freedom. You obviously do not learn from history!

Mr Milliband, you do not deserve our trust, nor our respect. Your hateful intentions are proof of your disrespect and hatred for Christians and the God we obey. You say you will damage and hurt us to the maximum if you get in. We pray you will not get in for obvious reasons. Those who you wish to support and protect by law are already doing the whole nation immense harm and place us all in danger. But, despite all the facts and statistics, you want to harm us further, though we do nothing to harm others. You want to unleash the godless forces of sexual depravity and religio-political war, and these will help to get rid of the people you so evidently hate – Christians.

For these reasons we will not vote in this election, and we will encourage fellow genuine Christians to pray against you and your Party. There are plenty of fake Christians out there who will agree with your megalomaniacal intentions. Laugh or smirk as you wish, but God is in control, not you. You still have time to get rid of your starkly evil intentions against us.

Keep to them at your peril.

KB Napier