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So far, the BBC refuses to label the Munich attack as ‘Islamist’ or the killer ‘Muslim’.

German officials just said they did not know the motive. Nor did they identify the man as an Islamic terrorist!!! EVEN THOUGH HE SHOUTED ALLAHU AKBAR BEFORE SHOOTING!!! (Daily Mail, 22 July 2016)

Germany is so keen to promote its stupidity of bringing in millions of Muslims, it refuses to face the facts or to even quote what was said by killers. It also wants people to stop using social media to broadcast the truth of the attacks.

This is far worse than stupidity – it is being complicit with Islamic terrorists at the expense of those who are murdered in the name of Allah. Even in France, the French are warning against tourists travelling into and through France. So, what’s wrong with Germany??

The answer still stares everyone in the face – deport EVERY Muslim who links to Islamic Terror, even in the smallest sense. Kick out all who are recent Muslim migrants. Lock down all Islamic activity until Muslims prove their friendship to their host country. If necessary close down mosques. This is a ‘bull by the horns’ time, not a time of cowardice.