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The IMF has weighed into the argument, saying we (UK) would suffer because of leaving the EU on 23 June 2016 Referendum. (BBC, 12 April 2106)

But, note the language – it is their prediction, not a proven fact.

And, as some pundits have said – when did the IMF ever get their predictions right in the past!

I suspect Cameron will be leaking out these supposed dire warnings until the day of the vote...

But he will keep back the ‘big guns’ until a few days before. Watch out for it!

Remember what is at stake here –NOT the economy, but our sovereignty as a country.

Also at stake – increasing draconian laws and demands, the reduction of Britain to a mere region with northern France, legally-demanded immigration numbers, the legalisation of Islam over Christianity, more homosexual laws, etc.

The number of controls over us would rise dramatically, as the EU moves towards creating a huge federal state, founded on socialism and even more fascism.

Don’t vote to stay in just for money’s sake! Think as Christians! Vote 'Leave EU'.