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We have heard of Teresa May wanting to opt out of the Human Rights laws of the EU.

She says it is being done to enable the UK to deal with terrorists and foreign criminals who, at the moment, must be retained and maintained in the UK. David Cameron supports her call for abolition of the Human Rights Act (See The Times, 5th Oct).

Now for the real reason.

May is a notorious homosexualist who loathes all Christian intervention.

She brought about the loathesome laws that give homosexuals freedom to act, and freedom to attack Christians. Cameron intends giving homosexuals even more freedoms and 'rights'.

Homosexuals and May used the EU Human Rights laws to both give maximum 'rights'to homosexuals, and to hit out at Christians. She abuses her position by promoting homosexualism via the media and government, whilst denying Christians the opportunity to challenge her obnoxious laws and policies, and using the law to punish and silence them. This formally began with the SORs, which were supposedly 'equal' to religious laws. No way! We have been told, time and again, that homosexual laws trump 'religious' laws every time. In other words, religious laws may as well not be there.

They are a sham.

So, with that background, what do you think May is up to, demanding we scrap the Human Rights laws of the EU? It has nothing to do with terrorists!

She has used the EU to extort as much freedom for homosexuals as she can get.

She is opposing appeals made to the EU by Christians abused by her laws.

Now, she wants to get rid of the very laws that gave her and her kind unparalleled freedoms so that they can never again be used by Christians as a defence!

Then she will tighten UK laws against Christians (for that is what her various pro-gay laws really are) So that we have nowhere to go. She wants to drive us all into a corner, so that we can be fenced-in by horrendous homosexualism and her perverted sense of UK justice.

We have no time for the EU Human Rights laws, but nor do we approve of the way May is abusing her position and the law to silence Christians.

© 7 October 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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