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In a recent  statement on the long standing dispute with Nikki Sinclaire MEP, sadly UKIP has decided to follow the GLBTQ (Gay Lesbian, Transgender and Queer people) agenda and publish a statement which puts no space between itself and the other three main UK parties. So who can a true Christian vote for now?

“The UK Independence Party takes this opportunity to affirm that it is opposed to discrimination on all grounds as prescribed by law and otherwise. The Party acknowledges the principles of non-discrimination, non-racism and non-sectarianism in its Constitution, and holds those principles dear as a libertarian party. The Party does not espouse, condone or support homophobia or sexual orientation discrimination in any way, and sexuality is no bar to involvement or advancement within the Party."  UKIP's Statement on Nikki Sinclaire MEP (6 June 2011)

Does the party’s policy of libertarianism also extend to:

  • Equalising marriage with civil partnership and the inevitable legislation requiring religious organisations to perform civil partnerships in religious premises?
  • Supporting the teaching in schools of homosexual behaviour as normal in Sexual Relationship Education and the revision of curriculum material to convey this message?

Read the letter from Lee Ward, Discrimination Law Team, at the Home Office Government Equalities Office. Any support for the above would automatically result in persecution of Christian and others who do not accept the homosexual position on equality – as has already happened. Many Jews and Christians openly support UKIP on the basis of the party upholding Judeo/Christian values in its policy documents.

The party needs to make clear that non-discrimination applies to everyone and not just to homosexuals. There is no equality when one group has the right to impose itself legally on another. There is also no distinction being made between heterosexuality and homosexuality, as in basic terms they are not equal, which ignores the principle of ‘ceteris paribus’.

The article in the Sunday Telegraph covering the interview of Trevor Phillips, the head of the Equality and Human Richts Commission (EHRC) (also CCFON 20 June 2011) shows that he is totally aligned with the GLBTQ agenda and is using every possible approach to marginalise Christians with propaganda that tells them to comply with the will of the Government and reject the teachings of the Bible, which in his opinion are no longer relevant.

The Government and the GLBTQ lobby totally underestimate the will of true Christians to defend their right to obey God rather than man (Government). Christians need to stand up and use all legitimate Christian means to fight the enemy within our society.

© 21 June 2011

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