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My co-worker, James Waddell, recently challenged Nigel Farage over Christian issues.

Typically, he received PC replies!!

But, today (these are my own views), Farage showed his true colours, and Christians who have voted UKIP should review their ideas.

I refer to his comments that took up the front page of The Times today (28th January). It had the effect of encouraging a cartoon at bottom right of the front page. In it is a man sitting at a UKIP HQ desk. A poster on the wall said "You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps" (implying that Silvester, and thus all Christians in UKIP, are mad).


The fact that UKIP folks can make these mistakes is simply because they have not been issued UKIP guidelines. So, UKIP is as much at fault as poor old David Silvester!

But, something far more revealing has now emerged from Farage and he has finally shown me that my votes for UKIP are now ended. It is up to our readers to decide whether or not they can continue to vote for UKIP, but, for me, Farage – whose EU statements have been excellent thus far – has now declared his true views about Christians, and not just about Silvester. I am not one to cow-tow to anyone, including political figures and fake church leaders. So, I do not care what he thinks of my comments here... he had the opportunity to sweep the board by enlisting votes from Christians, but, for me, he has now blown it, as he tries to stifle free speech of his members and joins the PC elite, bowing down to external pressure, and implying that Christians are barmy.

The headline ran: "Wrong kind of people are in UKIP, Farage says". The article was quite specific, mentioning Silvester as one of those "wrong kinds", and, thereby, branding all Christian voters with actual biblical views as the "wrong kind". Worse than that, those who hold Christian views that the majority do not accept, were also branded as "barmy". NO? Then perhaps the reader should learn how to 'join the dots'!

This is EXACTLY what Farage is intimating.

In this respect I would direct the reader to my articles about Obama's aims, written well before his current egomaniacal trips took real effect... I warned that his use of Executive Orders were a way of circumventing the laws of the country and Congress. Several years later, I am proved right.

This is because I dared to 'join the dots'. I urge Christians to do this NOW, before any further UKIP votes are given. For myself, I am now left with no valid political party to vote for. I predict, too, that as time progresses Farage and UKIP will veer strongly towards the middle PC range of politics, thus making them indistinguishable from any other party. The future began to look brighter when UKIP began its quest. Now, UKIP appears to be just another mirage, to be ignored.

Farage refers to "Walter Mitty" characters who are "damaging UKIP". That is not the way to address either councillors like Silvester, or the general Christian voters. He might now argue that his remarks were NOT addressed to Christian voters – but he is badly wrong! Like all other parties who realised too late just how many votes Christians can give, he has ignored what Christians really believe, and why they are now feeling stranded and barred by all political parties. He would find that all genuine Christians would be labelled as "barmy" and the "wrong kind", because we ALL have similar thoughts to those expressed by Silvester! Farage is correct – the "wrong kind" of people ARE in UKIP... and it seems he is the leader of this barmy army, by kicking Christians in the teeth and, by dealing so harshly with Silvester and making his own outrageous judgments, he has immediately thrown all Christian voters into the trash can.

The awful statements by Godfrey Bloom were certainly foul... but is not Farage aware that most high-office ministers and MPs make their own foul statements every day? Yet, they are allowed to get away with it. The Prime Minister himself has made barmy statements – those concerning the praise and support of homosexuality being a prime example. Make no mistake, Farage can see victory for UKIP in the far distance. So, he is now adopting the PC brigade uniform and is using the same disabling statements used by the other PC parties. He has now lost my respect and vote.

Silvester should have been more cautious. He should have given his views as his own Christian beliefs and not under the UKIP banner... but this was just an error, not a deliberate attempt to squash UKIP!

UKIP should now admonish him but allow him to continue. Then, they should issue media guidelines.

If they do not, they will lose not just my vote, but the vote of many other Christians. He might look upon me and our website as 'nothing' or even as 'barmy' – but he should know that our website is read by many thousands of Christians every day. And I am sure that none of them likes being called "barmy" or as having "eccentric views". Like us, they hold to biblical truth and teaching. Like us they believe governmental support for the foul perversion of homosexuality is not just unbiblical but completely out of order for legal promotion. Many of us believe God certainly DOES punish people for their wickedness.

AIDS is just one means God has used to punish homosexuality, and so flooding of the UK could possibly be another judgment of God on this nation. Be assured – the UK IS being judged by God.

The main point I am making is that Farage has no business making fun of Christians and encouraging newspapers to join in the laugh at our expense! He has therefore shown just as much lack of true judgment as Silvester!

UKIP is now at the cusp of political success and could easily overtake the other parties. But, let it beware of angering, insulting and disappointing Christian voters... or, for that matter ANY voter who values free speech and obliteration of PC pandering to very small perverse minorities. They have already lost my vote, and I will never again support UKIP in any way, unless they sort this debacle out right now! The present government is run not by parliament but by Stonewall. So is Labour. And so, it seems is UKIP, who is more afraid of less than 1% of homosexual voters than of losing a far greater percentage of Christian voters.

UKIP – it is now up to you. If you believe Christians – whether or not they express their beliefs – are "barmy", and you will not allow Christian UKIP officers to express their private views, then you do not deserve the support you have thus far gained from Christian voters. If you now want to lose us, then go ahead and insult us further. And why not? After all, the UK government, the EU, and homosexuals, do it anyway.