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"Forget gay marriage. In Russia and Ukraine, politicians are treating homosexuality like a curable addiction -- and even a crime.

Last week, acting on a widespread popular belief that sexual orientation is a matter of indoctrination, the Ukrainian parliament gave its preliminary approval to a bill that makes "propaganda of homosexuality" a criminal offense, punishable by a fine of about $10,000 or as many as five years in prison. "The spread of homosexuality is a threat to national security because it propagates the HIV/AIDS epidemic, destroys the family and could lead to a demographic crisis," the bill's drafters wrote in an explanatory note. The danger, they reasoned, is great enough to justify a limitation on freedom of speech." (Bloomberg, 10 October 2012)

The list given here of reasons to make homosexuality a criminal offense, is by no means exhaustive. Yet in the UK the politicians just don't want to know and the broadcast media promote the whole "born gay lie" and refuse to allow any criticism of the gay life style and exposure of the real health and other risks to children society and culture as we know it.