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Barack Obama (Picture by: Violentz)A growing number of people now fear their futures under Obama. This includes non-US citizens, because Obama has influence everywhere. Because of this influence and ideas that run worldwide, I give some prominence to this wicked man, as a warning.

My conclusions about Obama are not finalised, because I am convinced he has a great deal of harm to impose on the US and the world, yet to come. Surrounding himself with homosexuals is an indication of his lack of morality, as is his furtherance of so-called ‘hate’ legislation that would prevent even the thoughts of Christians from emerging about homosexuality. Preaching and teaching would all be included in this blanket ban.

He also includes abortion on demand, and wants taxpayers to pay for it. Before he became president he sponsored a bill that enabled doctors and others the duty to kill babies born alive after an abortion. In any ordinary language, this is infanticide; murder. But, to Obama it is a delight.

All of the above are common knowledge found in any conservative US newspaper. In the matter of his eligibility to be president, I am not just concerned but suspicious. Many claims are being made about his birth certificate, but until a court demands to see it, all such claims are hearsay, albeit with substance.

I believe that either Obama is playing with the public, and will present his certificate at some time, after his critics have run around in circles telling everyone he does not have a valid one, thus having a great publicity coupe, or he is indeed lying. Either way, the space of time that has lapsed between his inauguration and now adds to suspicion. Even if he now presents a certificate, who is to know if it is genuine? As I have said before, he is now in a position so powerful that he can demand agents produce a fake certificate. Why the time lapse when forgery is fairly fast? Because he would also have to silence some who know the truth and/or bribe others to say what he wants them to say. This is not beyond possibility, given his previous Chicago dealings.

In Chicago, for example, he plainly said he had no dealings with this or that mobster, or that he only knew of them from a distance. Yet, he is photographed with them at his side, obviously friendly and familiar! It is known that to become a Senator, he did not just ‘grease palms’ – he obliterated his rivals by using court orders and intense pressure. So, his rise to stardom is paved with dishonour and lies.

Yet, as I have also said before, I doubt if America (that is, the ones who rule) would get rid of him even if everything is out in the open and he is not eligible. I believe the democrats will just wave aside their own Constitution. This was hinted at by a 2005 article written by an attorney (referred to in a United States Justice Foundation article, 13th July 2009).

The attorney, with ties to Obama, seems to have pre-empted any such call for eligibility, by saying that it is no longer required in a modern America. This could easily be the foundation on which Obama could plead his case. Or, rather, demand it, for he is the most arrogant leader I have come across.

In the same source (USF Archives 1292) we find that though a judge in California is willing to hear the case against Obama’s eligibility. But, only if he knows about it. The lawyer bringing the case has tried multiple ways to get the information to Obama, but he has neatly side-stepped all of them. He has erected a barrier of personnel in the way. But, the media mentioned it when he was in the UK, and he just smiled! His confidence sickens me, because he is abusing his office to get his own way. (Though that is not unlike UK politicians).

In usif.net/archives/ 1270, we find the letter Obama wrote to the hospital that supposedly was his birth-place in Hawaii. As I have pointed out before, he previously said a different Hawaii hospital was his birth-place! Of course, Obama has put up a barrier to all requests to see the entry of birth in either hospital. Why? It can only be because he is lying.

In article 1251, the USJF tells us that when the lawyer bringing the certificate case sent a server to the White House to serve the president with the court papers, she was refused entry by the secret service, who also refused to accept the documents. From her car the server called the White House legal counsel office, who told her to send it to the Justice Department. Which she did. Despite many attempts to serve Obama, he has slithered away from contact.

Yet, despite these barriers, support is gaining to bring Obama to book (article ref. 1249). Four Senators have now demanded to see the birth certificate. But, the overall impression is that Obama is slippery and deceptive. It is possible that he will just keep it going indefinitely, simply because he can. After all, Both Blair and Brown stayed in power despite calls for their resignation, because they have no shame and plenty of power and money!

Commentators in the USA are alarmed at Obama’s fast implementation of socialism in America, with their drastic consequences, including financial demise, massive loss of jobs, environmentalism removing freedom of choice and speech, and his love of Islam.

A Washington insider says that Obama’s policies are already failing, though only six months into the job! To fail so quickly, he must be making a real hash of it all. Since forcing government to vote for a $787B ‘stimulus’ package, unemployment has risen sharply. This is because communism does not work, and handouts do not encourage business to work hard. (newsmax.com)

We are seeing the willing downgrading of a once great nation, its president intent at all costs (and it will be ‘all costs’) to ruin his own economy and social structure. This is not new. Blair already did that to the UK, and Brown is following in his footsteps. It is the way the whole world is now going, Except for China, whose presence in the world is now intense as communism grips the people. Who stands up to fight this enormous destruction? No-one.

Let’s see how Obama comes out with his court cases. It is an interesting lesson in the sheep like qualities of the masses who will follow a leader even if he ruins them.

© 21st June 2009