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One major lesson to learn when coming across anti-Israel reports is to take it all with a pinch of salt until you have done a bit of research! This is because the mounting pressure on Israel only comes from one source – Islam.Israel state flag

The UN’s laughable ‘Security Council’ is predominantly Islamic or Islam-sympathetic, and the UN loathes Israel. So does Obama. So I don’t trust these sources at all. Indeed, when I came across the explosive news on TV, my immediate reaction was to refuse to accept the reports as given. I began to think about the actual facts, rather than the Islam-generated hate campaign that masquerades as ‘ news’.

What, then, is the truth about Israel supposedly destroying a flotilla containing much needed aid for the people of Gaza? As with all the other adverse reports dutifully aired and printed around the world, and which always condemn Israel no matter who is at fault, the reports are – again – lies, deception and deliberate ploys used to stain Israel and influence public opinion.

The Truth

Israeli naval commandos did not anticipate the violence they received from a supposedly humanitarian activity, in which they were fired upon! As a result the commandos boarded the Turkish Mavi Marnara ship and nine passengers died. Those on board claimed to be ‘peace activists’, unarmed and non-violent. This is an outright lie as the link to a video taken at the scene proves! Yet, the media jumped at the chance to attack Israel!!

The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) took the video, but you can see the truth for yourself. The ship was certainly not full of non-violent, unarmed peace-activists, but by terrorists. Expecting to find aid-workers, the commandos were completely taken by surprise by the terrorists. But, recovering from the shock, they did what they were trained to do. They were attacked with knives, clubs and iron poles. What would YOU have done?

UK Channel 4 News provided an analysis of the incident. See it for yourself! Call the men on board ‘peace-workers’?? See how the commandos initially used a paint-gun rather than bullets, because they did not want to harm anyone? Notice that the ‘peaceful’ people on the ship had night-vision equipment, rifle scopes and bullet-proof vests! They even threw stun grenades… no doubt usual items carried by Oxfam and Christian Aid!

It is a fact not made known, but Israel never stops humanitarian aid being sent to Gaza, even though it knows much of it will end up in the hands of Hamas. Note that the Palestinians REFUSED to let the supposed aid go overland, protected by Israel. Now we know why – it was carrying items and large amounts of cash for terrorists! The commandos were fighting back in self-defence, against live fire, not attacking innocent aid workers!

Whenever you hear or see news like this from the media, do not accept it as truth, because the media is not Israel-friendly, but prefers to spread lies and deception, even when the truth is available. 

For more detailed information on the incident go to Honest Reporting.

If you want to receive the truth in future sign up for direct emailed information from Honest Reporting (details on the page). You will be shocked to realise how the media, spurred on by pro-Islamic forces, are more than willing to destroy the reputation of Israel and spread lies about its activities.

As one who has ‘Israel-watched’ for some years I am now very familiar with the vile tactics used to attack Israel. It is about time others knew the truth, too – please pass on these and similar findings to your friends and to the media, before the beleaguered state of Israel is swamped by deception and Islamic brutishness. I can assure you that this news item spread by Muslims and the media are not unusual but normal. Every opportunity is taken to use propaganda to destroy Israel and every media story always has another side to it – but nobody wants to know. 

© June 2010

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