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As a church we have been accused of “not taking COVID-19 seriously”.


I would suggest that few, if any, local churches have taken it more seriously!

As a group we have spent MANY hours, possibly totalling many weeks, on the topic.

We have followed the news, research papers, analysed everything pro- and con-.  Because of our studies and examinations we have concluded that Covid propaganda is as fake as the supposed Covid ‘vaccines’.

We have deduced that the vaccines are fake and useless, but highly dangerous.  That is why, as a church, we have refused to get injected by such evil substances. But, many have given in to the propaganda, even doctors and nurses. Thus, instead of leading with professionally investigated views, they accept government garbage and insist on having ‘shots’, despite worldwide deaths entering into millions, and serious-damage injuries entering into multi-millions (in the UK alone over one million 200 thousand!!). Indeed, almost no medical professional is aware of the contents of the fake vaccines.

The nature of the Covid virus means there is absolutely no need for a vaccine, even if it was genuine. What we are seeing is unprecedented totalitarianism, causing immense fear in the population, and with fear comes hatred for all who will not toe the line and get ‘vaccinated’... and invalid accusations follow.

I have said many times – SOMEONE has to be the next statistic (death or serious injury). And anyone who gets the shot is a likely candidate for that statistic. In reality there is no more chance of getting Covid than of getting seasonal flu!! So why the panic? The panic is due to governments ‘resetting’ societies around the world. NOT for health reasons but to move us all into a socialist era of wickedness.

So, as a church we resist the demands of the ‘vaccinated’ to comply. Figures prove conclusively that it is the VACCINATED who are a danger to those of us who refuse to be stuck in the arm with grossly nasty substances. Hospitalisations are made up mainly of ‘vaccinated’ people, and ‘vaccinated’ people are super-spreaders of Covid.


If you have taken the jab then you are more dangerous to the rest of us than the infection itself, and have possibly damaged your own bodies in the process. All this is proven by science and medical facts. Stop being Brownshirt activists for corrupt governments.