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Have you seen the TV ads for computer games that allow you to invent your own home, village or city, maybe starting with stone age people? Well, that is what the Covid thing really is – a big universal game.

Every detail is there, to convince you the game is real.

And nearly everyone plays the game that way! The inventors have a plan you must follow, and they give every detail so you think everything is above board and genuine. But, it isn’t. It is just a game.

The Startrek Holodeck Safety Protocol is Off

On the TV series Startrek, the space ships have holodecks where staff can play holographic stories as if they were real. They can do almost anything they like. If they have fights with holographic characters they insert a safety protocol into the game, so any injuries are only perceived and not real.

BUT the safety protocol can be left off, so any injuries or even death, are real, caused by the hologram.

This is our present day... Startrek has become a reality, with the safety protocol turned off.

Covid is a deadly game... not the supposed virus itself, but what governments are doing about it.

They invented Covid as a pandemic (which it was, and is, not) and invented a huge number of details to make everyone think it is real. But, it isn’t. It is a bioweapon designed by evil people to use on mankind just for the sheer fun of it. Then, they invented a ‘treatment’ that was worse than the virus! Then, they invented a ‘need’ for continuous boosters and now, even tablets to take alongside them! The game has come alive, and the end result will be countless deaths, illnesses and people too weak to react to what is happening to them.

To get out of a computer game you just switch it off. SWITCH GOVERNMENT OFF NOW! Refuse to play their invented game and take your life back. Natural immunity works – the fake ‘vaccine’ doesn’t!

Indeed, the ‘vaccine’ actually makes the situation far worse and SPREADS what it supposedly treats!!

It is no longer a game – but governments will play it anyway to the literal bitter end.

After this comes another game called ‘climate change’!