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Just a short note of reminders...

  1. Many modern people who say they are Christians condemn John Calvin. But how many who are genuine believers know that when plague hit Geneva Calvin ministered to plague victims spiritually and physically, whilst all other ministers and various others fled the city?
  2. Plagues and conditions will accumulate as we head towards the very end times. It is up to us to be cautious and prepared, and to think clearly. That means a Christian will not panic or join every unsaved person in being totally selfish, running scared as if there were no true God.
  3. So, at the moment stop running around like a headless chicken! Coronavirus will run its course. Maybe an antidote will be found soon. Maybe not. But, anyone who runs scared and scatters at the first sight of trouble, will be one of the first to be struck down!! So stay calm, as they said in WW2, and just carry on!
  4. Believers are assured that God runs the world, NOT a virus or even Satan. These are just rewards of sin, and anyone living in sin will be amongst the many victims. Any Christians who fall to it will only do so if God decides not to lift them out of danger, not because they are randomly chosen by the virus. A virus might hit us, but it is GOD Who will remove us, for reasons known to Heaven.
  5. In Italy and other Catholic countries foolish bishops have refused to shut the doors of their fake churches and refuse to stop their blasphemous Masses. It is not strange, therefore, that Italy (et al) suffer the highest victim numbers.
  6. Older folks (like me!) must take extra precautions, especially as most of our age group have infirmities or conditions that make us susceptible to ANY virus, and not just to the current one! But, remember... the youngest victim was a new-born baby in London, so it isn’t just older folks.
  7. The virus will peak and seemingly disappear. But, it will just join the ranks of other killer-viruses that hang around the world until the next time. This is a basic fact of life that has been affected by sin in the world. Sin cannot decrease in strength or types of variances – it can only increase and become stronger and worse. This has been prophesied and will come to pass. Even so, the rule still applies – love the Lord with all your heart and mind, obey God’s laws, and know that those whom He loves He also helps. Use simple common-sense, do not panic, and live righteously.