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Date: 28 March 2021


Question 1

Which of the following best describes the capacity in which you are responding to this call for evidence?

I am a:

k) Other (please specify):  Christian Doctrine Teaching Ministry

Question 2

In your view, what are the key considerations, including opportunities and risks, associated with a potential COVID-19-status certification scheme? We would welcome specific reference to:

a) clinical / medical considerations

The COVID-19 vaccines have no explicit tangible benefit.

  • They will not stop a person being infected
  • They will not stop a person having symptoms of infection
  • They will not stop a person transmitting the infection.
  • The vaccine is not a vaccine at all. They MIGHT reduce the severity of the infection. This is a meaningless unproven aspirational hope.

The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and have a very small subject evidence base of only a few months on efficacy and long term health impacts. There is to date no proof that vaccines have any benefit in slowing infection rates in the general population, we have all been in lockdown for months, and even the alleged benefits of the vaccine are openly declared to be temporary, with the requirement for endless booster jabs. They are therefore pointless and potentially life changing harmful.

The evidence base of people dying and having life changing injuries following the vaccine is rapidly growing across the world.  Reports are already coming through from our friends of the family of life changing injuries and hospitalisations after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is no account taken of the natural immunity of millions of UK citizens who have had COVID-19 and have recovered from the infection without incident. Most of my family had COVID-19 in April/May 2020, yet no account will be taken of that as there was no community testing at that time. Also the government openly says the vast majority of people will have either no symptoms or mild symptoms and in the under 70’s less than 1 in 1,000 who is infected will suffer serious illness or death. So for the vast majority of the population COVID-19 is not a health issue.

When the lies and disinformation are removed, the COVID-19 passport/certification is totally disproportionate and discriminatory without any foundation or necessity.

The days of a man’s life are appointed by God (Job 7:1) . The government thinks it can control the duration of an individual’s life. There is completely false. Medical interventions in an individual’s life will only succeed within the providence of God. All people will die, an undeniable fact.

b) legal considerations

The coercion, manipulation and incentivising the population to have an untested and unproven non-vaccine that has a significant risk of long term harm is a breach of the Nuremberg Code.

Denial of goods and services based on not allowing the government to assault you with a vaccine jab, is tyranny and a breach of human rights and all equality legislation and would be similar to a COVID-19 ‘apartheid’ or persecution of the Jews under Nazi Germany.

c) operational / delivery considerations

If a vaccine certificate is going to be used to deny people access to goods, services and travel, then the operational infrastructure required would be far greater than for any other existing government agency (Passport Office, DVLA, etc.,) in the UK, to ensure validation, compliance and enforcement. Is this society the government want to create – the United Kingdom of Tyranny.

The concept is fatally flawed and should be immediately abandoned as unworkable and open to fraud, corruption, and extortion. The UK government should show leadership and advise other countries to abandon this unworkable idea.

d) considerations relating to the operation of venues that could use a potential COVID-status certification scheme

It is highly coercive and manipulative to pressurise the population to have a vaccine to access public venues.  The hospitality industry have already said that the concept of COVID-19 passport/certificates are unworkable and undesirable and would severely impact their already decimated industry sector.

Churches can be considered as large venues and the government would thus be controlling access to collective worship and the fellowship of Christians and the gathering of people of other religions based on the lies and false premises of an ineffective ‘vaccine’ and control document.

e) considerations relating to the responsibilities or actions of employers under a potential COVID-status certification scheme

This would be highly discriminatory and a breach of exiting terms and conditions.  Pregnant women, people with certain illnesses and disabilities, conscientious objectors, etc. would be made unemployed and unemployable because they do not have the COVID-19 passport/certification. This is too close to fascism for comfort.

The Health and Safety legislation does not require the elimination of all risk in the work place, but reasonable adjustments made to mitigate risks. Responsible employers have made massive environmental changes to the workplace and have good procedures in place to give people special leave if suspected to have the COVID-19 infection. That is all that is required. Nothing more.

f) ethical considerations

The government would be violating the Nuremberg Code by requiring people to have a ‘vaccine’ to participate fully in society.

It is an assault and a breach of all medical ethical codes to insist that citizens have an unwanted intervention on their body that is likely to have long term side effects and is of unproven efficacy.

g) equalities considerations

As mentioned above. This proposed COVID19 passport/certificate and vaccine is highly discriminatory, majorly impacting on each of the nine protected characteristics. All organisations in the public sector would not be able to comply with the Public Sector Equality Act 2011. They would not be able to give due regard to the protected characteristics for such wholly and totally discriminatory policies related to a COVID-19 passport and certification, which could potentially exclude citizens who have not had the vaccine from all public services e.g. job centre, health services, social services, childcare, NHS, medical treatment, public transport, etc.

h) privacy considerations

Question 3

Are there any other comments you would like to make to inform the COVID-status certification review?

It is high time that the government stopped their highly intrusive, tyrannical, criminal, propaganda campaign and policies that have caused more damage to the health and economy of our nation than the alleged pandemic.

The government’s mantra is not about saving lives, but saving the government’s political face in a totally under resourced and poorly managed NHS and the facilitating of massive profiteering and cronyism in the awarding of government contracts related to COVID-19, that have breached every procurement rule and requirement for due diligence, prudence and impartiality. As the Prime Minister let slip, greed is in the motive behind the success of the COVID-19 pandemic/vaccine.


  • Stop the lies, open the country up and accept some people will have symptoms, very few will get seriously ill and even fewer will die. Life is never risk free.
  • Apply the Civil Service Code of Honesty, Impartiality, Integrity and Objectivity with critical thinking and proper debate to policy making – not hope for the best dictates, censorship and ridicule to those who question government COVID-19 policies.
  • Reasonable precautions and steps can be made for good hygiene. If you have COVID-19 symptoms stay away from love ones or work until they pass, just as you would for the flu, tummy bug, etc.
  • Let normal life begin and stop spreading lies to scare the population to have this untested vaccine, which many senior scientists and medical practitioners have said are unsafe, unproven and potentially lethal.
  • Plague and disease and a tyrannical government are a judgment of God on any nation that has rejected God’s laws. The government continues to ignore the spiritual aspect to this COVID-19 crisis and blunders on trying to control life and death, which is completely futile. Can a government fight God and win? No. It is time for the government to repent of its hatred of God and His laws and acknowledge His absolute sovereignty.

© 28 March 2021

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