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Following recent comments (always welcome, whether they are approving or not) I am offering the following (with thanks to those honest folks who are critical, and who I hope will never lose their freedom to question):

Definition of a Virus

The definition can be varied. Usually (because people know no better) the Covid virus is often seen as a ball with spikes coming out of it. But, that isn’t the virus. It is just the casing around it. The virus is inside. And the casing is very fragile, so it is a relatively weak one and can be eradicated fairly easily... that is how anti-malarial drugs (et al) work so well.

According to the medical dictionary provided by Farlex, viruses were so-called because of their smallness. Their small size means they are ‘filtrable’ – that is, they can pass through most surfaces... and that’s how they can pass through masks. N95 masks have pores that are about 3 microns in size (about one third the width of human hair). Unfortunately, the SARSCoV2 is only 0.1 micron in size. That is, 30 times smaller than the pores in the masks. This means masks do not stop the virus either entering the wearer or emitting from him/her. Thus, it has no value. And wearing a mask for long periods can lead to other illnesses, such as bacterial pneumonia. To travel well a virus needs to be expelled from the person by force – a hefty cough, a sneeze, very loud talking/shouting. So, any virus can travel the length of a ‘bus in a second. A person with a virus does not pass it on simply by breathing normally and not coughing, etc. Once expelled, the virus hangs in the air for a few moments and then falls down to the ground (or onto other surfaces). They can remain active for about 72 hours but are rare causes of infection.


I have already given the pore size of masks and the size of the virus. Sadly, many readers think I just pluck my views out of thin air, which is not true. As a long-standing researcher I know what to look for. Normally n100 masks (the top grade) are not available to the public or even nurses and doctors, and have a pore size of approximately 0.4 micron, again enabling a virus easy passage. They use whatever the public wear – n95. Basically, the usual masks worn by Covid-fearing people is useless. The pore size is too large to stop the virus, like a fly flying through a railway tunnel! Also, the fitting to the face is poor – bulges out at the cheeks and nose, for example. And ‘spit guards’ are of no use whatever... viruses can easily get around the guard! There is a lot more to masks, but all along I have only given basic facts that are sufficient. I sent out a news report some months ago, which stated that a whole group of surgeons have stopped wearing n100 masks (or ANY masks) since they conducted an experiment – they did not wear masks during operations and were surprised to discover that the numbers of post-operation complications/infections declined dramatically. Now they wear no masks at all (Can’t remember how many took part – I think it was about 40 surgeons).

Problems with wearing masks...

‘Maskne’, an acne caused by wearing masks all day (such as shop workers and so on). ‘Maskne’ is actually acne mechanica, caused by constant friction of the mask against the face. Moisture and heat allow bacteria to grow in the hair follicles. Yes, you can get rid of it by washing the face frequently and changing masks at the same time. But, as the masks have large pores, what’s the point anyway? And what of the huge cost of frequent mask changes?

I had two problems with masks. The first was that I wear glasses and, when looking down, the mask obscures the view, especially of steps, hence I fell on stairs in a supermarket and was fortunate not to break anything, though I had multiple bruises. So I refused to wear a mask after that. Also, my breathing changed and was laboured. Not good because it can lead to dizziness! (There are many more possible side effects of wearing masks, known to the medical profession). A letter to the BMJ by a doctor explains the problems - BMJ April 2020...

One point was that wearing a mask makes breathing more difficult; a portion of exhaled CO2 re-enters the lungs with each breath and concentrates any SARSCoV2 they may have already, thus increasing chances of infecting others and making one’s self worse. It is my view that older people especially should not wear masks, because many have COPD/heart conditions and other problems that are made worse by masks. The BMJ letter adds “(6) While impeding person-to-person transmission is key to limiting the outbreak, so far little importance has been given to the events taking place after a transmission has happened, when innate immunity plays a crucial role. The main purpose of the innate immune response is to immediately prevent the spread and movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body. The innate immunity’s efficacy is highly dependent on the viral load. If face masks determine a humid habitat where the SARS-CoV-2 can remain active due to the water vapour continuously provided by breathing and captured by the mask fabric, they determine an increase in viral load and therefore they can cause a defeat of the innate immunity and an increase in infections.” The writer finishes by saying “it is not time to act without evidence”. Quite right – there is no evidence that wearing a mask stops spread, but plenty against it.

Bacterial Pneumonia

A growing number of doctors warn that bacterial pneumonias are increasing due to mask wearing. One person at a conference said “...the fear factor has got to step back. This idea that I don’t want to give you something that I don’t even know that I have is almost at the point of ridiculous. Let’s use some common sense.” This was stated by a group that is suing Tulsa Health Department. The group alleges that masks are making healthy people sick. It was said that state employees who were forced to wear masks when working reduce their oxygen intake within ten seconds of wearing the mask. Another doctor said that the known risks of wearing masks were being ignored. And, apart from bacterial pneumonias there are other problems – fungal infections, rashes and so on. As he pointed out – “In February and March we were told NOT to wear masks. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It’s not about science...”

There is so much to say about masks, but throughout my reports I have attempted to minimise content so as not to overload readers. This should not imply that I have not researched my topic.

Definition of a Pandemic

A few months into the Covid infections, WHO changed its definition of ‘pandemic’, and this changed public policies dramatically. In 2009 WHO defined a pandemic as “simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses.” It should be noted that such infections are pan-society. Yet, with SARSCoV2, there is no likeness to a pandemic, because deaths are extremely limited to a specific class of people – usually old with premorbidities. There are a few outside this, but the course of the virus itself proves that we are NOT in a pandemic, but are in an epidemic. One source therefore says WHO have issued false information... the very accusation WHO and others make against those of us who seriously question the whole situation! (That the virus only attacks a slim band of society could also imply engineering, re depopulation).

One article claims (and I agree) that governments and WHO are fogging what is true and not true, thus perverting science. ( ). The article is just one of hundreds I have read and examined. The WHO definition in 2009 says “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” Not long after making this definition, WHO changed it in the face of the 2009 swine flu pandemic and now use it with Covid. They eliminated the previous definition and simply said a pandemic was “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.” In this way WHO made ‘pandemic’ apply to anything they wished if there were sufficient ‘cases’, and can apply draconian edicts against any virus they wish, thus extending power over people indefinitely. In this way they can continue calling Covid19 a ‘pandemic’ though it is not. Even though the deaths and serious complications of Covid are equal to those of seasonal flu. Something WHO and governments want covered up.

Redefinition of ‘Vaccine’

The makers of the Covid ‘vaccines’ do not call what they make a ‘vaccine’, but a gene therapy. So WHY do governments insist on calling it a ‘vaccine’?? Now they are trying to smudge their own definitions. By doing this governments are violating a variety of laws that criminalise false medical claims. The USA law on this states “... that a product or service can prevent, treat, or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable scientific evidence, including, when appropriate, well-controlled human clinical studies, substantiating that the claims are true at the time they are made.” is acceptable, but if the criteria are not met, the makers are breaking the law.

The usual definition of a ‘vaccine’ is thus: “a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increased immunity to a particular disease.” Covid injections are NOT, then, ‘vaccines’ but gene therapies... something companies and government are now trying to deny! “The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made with lipid nanoparticles that contain polyethylene glycol (PEG)8 and messenger RNA (mRNA).” That is, chemotherapeutic gene therapy.

mRNA are “snippets of genetic code that carries instructions for cells to produce proteins.” The definition of genetic is “relating to genes” and genes contain instructional codes that tell the body what proteins to make. “Therapy is the medical treatment of disease, so mRNA vaccines are very clearly gene therapy.” One company, Moderna, filed their work as experimental “gene therapy technology” and NOT as a ‘vaccine’. It was originally designed for treating cancer and induces production of certain proteins, and its mechanism of action confirms the product to be a gene therapy. It is grossly misleading to dupe the people into thinking they are having a ‘vaccine’. It is likely that if you ask why people have taken the ‘vaccine’ they will say it protects them against getting the virus... but, this is a delusion, because they can still get it anyway! They are having gene therapy that causes cells to churn out viral proteins that incite an immune response which cannot be ‘switched off’... a grave danger in itself. And a ‘treatment’ for cancer, not appropriate for Covid itself. It is likely few people with Covid (or without it) would accept a chemotherapeutic gene therapy for cancer, and this would deplete the drug manufacturers’ income!

The same doctor conjectures that by calling the injection a ‘vaccine’ the governments allow companies not to be sued. Yes, a conjecture, but close to truth. The longer countries maintain the false ‘emergency measure’ laws the more protected companies are. Do I believe the ‘emergency measures’ are useful or correct? No, I do not. In the first two months I accepted there was a true pandemic and followed government. But, this reliance quickly evaporated when I saw that the science did not match reality. And that evidence has piled up ever since.

Herd Immunity

WHO originally defined herd immunity thus: “Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.” With Covid the definition was changed drastically to simply mean ‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached. Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it. Immunity has always worked through people becoming infected and retaining protection by it, so WHO has historically altered the meaning without scientific evidence. As the article says, “Your immune system isn’t designed to get vaccines”! Now, suddenly with Covid, natural immunity, which requires contact with other infected people, is banished, without scientific evidence. WHO’s newest definition is drastic and replaces natural immunity with a pseudo-immunity that relies solely on having a huge number of people vaccinated... by an injection that is not a vaccine! The excuse given is that a vaccine protects against infection, not mixing with those who have it. I cannot emphasise enough that this is a HUGE change, but made without existing scientific evidence and against the known fact that the injection does not stop infection!

More unscientifically, WHO adds “Vaccines train our immune systems to create proteins that fight disease, known as ‘antibodies’, just as would happen when we are exposed to a disease but – crucially – vaccines work without making us sick. Vaccinated people are protected from getting the disease in question and passing it on, breaking any chains of transmission.” Firstly, as the makers of the injections state in their application to government medical bodies, what they are making is NOT a vaccine but a gene therapy experiment. Secondly, the ‘vaccines’ ARE making many people sick and causes deaths. Thirdly, it is acknowledged that the ‘vaccine’ does NOT prevent infection and does NOT prevent people ‘vaccinated’ from infecting others! Therefore, the new definition falls far short of itself and does NOT “break the chains of transmission”. Research analyst Heather Taylor said she was “astounded” by the change and referred to it as a “blatant corruption of science”. Any wonder I am not just sceptical but hostile towards the ‘vaccines’? I don’t care how highly placed an expert is if he or she agrees with what is happening; doctors and nurses who follow these government rules have no idea what they are promoting.

And “In a 2020 JAMA Patient Page on herd immunity, Dr. Angel Desai, associate editor of JAMA Network Open, and Maimuna Majumder, Ph.D., with Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, clearly explains that “herd immunity may be achieved via natural infection and recovery, as has always been the case.” This is because “Herd immunity may be achieved either through infection and recovery or by vaccination ... Achieving herd immunity through infection relies on enough people being infected with the disease and recovering from it, during which they develop antibodies against future infection.” WHO is working against this happening and lies about the injection being a ‘vaccine’.

In summary of the above, then – herd immunity has ALWAYS been linked to enough people getting a virus to enable them to be immune, speeding up elimination. Thus, logically and scientifically, to deny this known factor is to fuddle what is true and leave treatments to a favoured few who make huge amounts of cash. Wearing face masks and keeping distance is useless and unnecessary. As I have always said (based on best practice and known evidence), only those who are sick should stay at home. They should not go shopping or to work. This leaves the population free to live normally (that is OVER 99% of people). The numbers who die of Covid belong to a VERY limited band of people, which defies any definition of ‘Pandemic’, reducing it to ‘epidemic’. In the above, and in the past year, I have deliberately kept my statements to a minimum so as not to overwhelm readers with the science and medical statements. I can assure that behind any research piece I offer there are many hours of examination of many sources.

Next, I turn to a few other queries or criticisms of my approach:

‘I only use quotes from selected sources’

Is this true? Of course it is. It is what all researchers do. Why is this? There is a very sound reason – if all sources were quoted not only would people get very confused, but they would not know what is true and what is a lie (as is said above). I have been a researcher (medical, social, psychiatric, theological, etc) for five decades. In that time I have learned a smidgen or two about research and how to recognise lies from truth; the scientific process is very clear. Also, when one knows the signs of lies or bad practice, one avoids those who state lies. Then, we don’t use the work of the liars and concentrate on the few who speak the truth.

I have noted over all that time that the issues God has led me to write about ALL resort to deception and lies... AIDS/homosexuality, fake environmentalism, Islam, charismatic theology... and now Covid. Only recently have I dared to say the thing called a ‘pandemic’ is not so, but is an epidemic. I have even said that I believe, from government actions, statements and facts, that the ‘pandemic’/epidemic finished last summer but was drastically retitled and reworded so governments can keep control of the people. None of this is my whim or fancy! It is based on science and facts.

Now, imagine buying beefburgers. When I and my family lived in poverty (yes, REAL poverty, not the fake one in which people have low incomes but can still pay bills and buy food) we were forced to buy very cheap food – bread so cheap it had no real taste and was loaded with salt, cheaper meats with lots of fat, tinned stuff with few nutrients, and so on. But, when poverty was lifted, we started to buy good stuff with healthy contents. Now, which would YOU choose if you had suitable income – the disgusting beefburgers or the good ones with high meat content, little fat or other ingredients? At a guess you would choose the better versions if you could, and avoid what was bad for you. But, you must first know what makes the good stuff ‘good’ and why you should reject the bad.

Now imagine buying a car. If you had the money would you buy a car with known sound attributes, or one that was cheap and full of known faults?

Now imagine sitting under pastors. One speaks flowery language and gives few biblical facts; he speaks of ‘love’ but has a patchy kind of belief system that offends no-one. The other speaks with passion from scripture and can prove his theology from scripture and might sometimes offend by truth. Which do you sit under?

Now imagine how to research scripture. Do you listen to men who you like, who have an attractive persona, and yet speak many troubling or mistaken words... or do you research according to the Bible’s own method – noting the words used in scripture itself, obeying the rules of interpretation, and ending with suitable current applications? Hopefully, you reject haphazard study! We ALL use selective sources and I ignore all ‘experts’ who reject the true scientific process.

My opinions or God’s Facts?

It is my own belief and research ‘method’ to allow truth to emerge on its own from scripture. This is the only valid way to do it. That is, I check the words in scripture against their original languages. I then look at each word in its context. I then allow the meanings already there to give me an interpretation, which must ‘fit’ the context. Then I add whatever modern application I am given by the Holy Spirit. Thus, I let scriptural meanings arise from themselves. I don’t invent ‘sermons’ after juggling a variety of possible scenarios, inject with a few bits of humour, and search the internet for suitable ‘applications’. On many occasions I alter what I say on the spot because I believe the Spirit demands it. I never put my own opinions into scripture and call them facts, nor do I invent ways to apply what I say to the study. All of this is true teaching and pastoral care. It arises from scripture itself, unmeddled-with, and is applied as God directs at any moment. The applications are those of the day, so they can make sense of biblical texts in our own lives, and I never have to think over what to say or search the internet/books for examples. I repeat – I NEVER give my opinions unless I call them opinions. Paul did the same thing.

Now, perhaps you don’t see it, but my ‘method’ is the same as that in true science. In science genuine researchers allow the data to define themselves. Thus, in my treatment of the Covid crisis, which is not a crisis, I rely on true science. I avoid sources that I know to be governmental, unscientific or outright lies and deception. EVERY genuine researcher does this and does not select bad sources. I have not chosen to follow bad sources, just as any health professional does. Instead I follow ‘good practice’ (common to all doctors and nurses, but often ignored today).

‘But you are saying that huge numbers of doctors and nurses who accept the Covid statements are stupid or unintelligent’

I have never said that, any more than I say unsaved theologians are stupid or unintelligent. It might be how some perceive what I say, because I am ‘swimming against the tide’. I have previously mentioned that all doctors and nurses in the UK followed just ONE official paper from government on AIDS. That is why there was so much unity of response. And it was deadly, an error, a foolish reliance on what was ‘official’ that has led to millions of deaths.

In the same way many experts rely on official sources concerning Covid. They have allowed WHO to redefine vital terms without question. They have swallowed the narrative! They are intelligent beings but they have been duped. Yes, they will be outraged at that statement, but it remains true. How else can they accept as true what is evidentially untrue? Proofs have been issued in a huge number of articles from doctors and scientists, for the past year. As I say, it has nothing to do with their qualifications (Fauci in the USA is blatantly unscientific), but with the trust they place in supposed leader-experts/governments. Or, we can divide up all involved thus:

  1. Some are qualified but don’t examine claims
  2. Some are just ‘in it for the money’
  3. Some are without passion for their roles.
  4. Some simply don’t care.
  5. Some are cruelly abhorrent and are ‘paid off’ by drug companies.

I can be challenged on these ‘categories’ but I remind readers that I have held positions of ‘hire and fire’ over nursing employees, taught pupil nurses, had expertise in drugs, ‘wrote the book’ on private health sector isolation policies in my area, and developed extensive wound care policies, amongst other things. These all required intensive and extensive research and practice. I recognise nurses who are in those categories and whilst all would be professional, few were interested in rocking the boat or examining claims. I have also had close relationships with consultants and other doctors, some of whom should have been struck off! Like the one who said all dementia patients should have a pillow put over their heads until they died! Yes, these people actually exist and are far from the idealistic view of doctors and nurses held by an adoring public. So, don’t be surprised if many just follow the official line without question.

‘But we shouldn’t call these vaccines into question when we have percentages of their success. It is false to speak against the vaccines’.

Let me repeat – the ‘vaccines’ are NOT vaccines at all, but are experimental changers of genes. There is now a scramble to hide this fact. What we have are injections of foreign substances that are NOT related to Covid, but to cancer treatment. There cannot possibly be ‘percentages of their success’, because they have only been used in the past three months! In scientific terms this is but a tiny drop in the ocean and no honest researcher can accept such a short space of time to dictate ‘success’. Also, the numbers of deaths go up in their thousands, not just by one or two. The numbers of associated adverse reactions are also skyrocketing (see recent reports on these). Thus, there is no scientific or medical proof that the fake vaccines are useful or successful. As I keep reminding people, the so-called ‘vaccines’ were introduced at a time when Covid was well on the path of decline anyway. Also, all they do is claim to make any symptoms less strong. We also know that the ‘vaccine’ does NOT stop anyone getting Covid or from passing it on! So, in what way are they a ‘success’? Indeed, they have no valid point to exist. Why on earth are they being foisted on the people?

I would repeat that no-one has yet proved the fake vaccines slow down the virus, or cure it, or stop people being infected. The time scale is far too short to claim success! Science cannot (and knows it can’t) provide ANY such claims of success. It takes many years to prove a drug is relatively safe (but cannot always be). This has not happened in the case of Covid injections. Rather, the opposite is true and thousands are dying, with many more likely to do so. And thousands of others are seriously ill because of them. What might happen to injection-takers in the future is frighteningly unknown. Approval is made possible not by proper scientific examination and testing, but by using those being injected as ‘living experiments’ who have no idea they are guinea-pigs. So, even if they allow the injections they definitely don’t have ‘informed consent’ in any legal sense of the term. The same goes for doctors and nurses who go ahead and inject people – they do so ignorantly, though, of course, they would deny it, against known evidences.

To sum up the above

There are currently NO VACCINES for Covid. There are only injections of materials that were designed to treat cancer, and which do not stop infection by Covid. These are scientific and medical facts. How can a vaccine be effective if (a) the injection is not even a vaccine? (b) And there are no scientific tests to prove their use or effectiveness (c) in such a small time-scale? Those who do not die or become ill are, to my mind, just fortunate, but may not continue to be so (because no-one knows what will happen in the future). Others have said many who had the injections will die in about three or four months. This is just a guess based on current horrors. It may, or may not, occur, but I would not be surprised given that Bill Gates openly said vaccines are a great way to depopulate the world. Is anyone listening to this man, who makes vast sums producing vaccines that have no real medical effect because they go against ‘natural’ means of immunisation?

I repeat – no man can claim a vaccine to be successful. Why not? Because a man who has a vaccine might live, and so will a non-vaccinated man. Does the vaccinated man live because he had an injection but escaped a bad reaction, and does the non-vaccinated man live because he had immunity or a different response to incoming viruses? There is no way of knowing what it was! In the same way, people who annually take a flu vaccine do not know if it was the CORRECT vaccine for the relevant flu that year. It could be they had natural immunity anyway. It could be they never had the virus that year. In any event there is NO WAY seasonal injections ‘prove’ either their worth or inappropriateness! Just because someone does not get an epidemic virus does not mean they did not get it because of an injection! There is simply no scientific way to find out!

I have been told that to mention the case of AIDS is not relevant. But, it is. I have been immersed in research for many years. Mostly, I can spot delusion and guesswork from a mile off! And omission of the proper scientific process is very apparent. I grouped together a variety of seemingly unrelated abuses and misuses of this process above, including AIDS. Exactly the same delusions and blind obedience by doctors and nurses occur in each case. And it all comes down to politicisation of events and topics. In the AIDS case it is still bound by silence and legal put-downs, and the truth may never come out. But, as the saying goes, “I was there” from the very beginning. I first heard of AIDS (which was not called that for a year or two) by catching a snatch from a TV news programme. Literally a snatch. I immediately said to myself “Eh? That doesn’t make sense!” because nothing said fitted science. From there I launched into an examination of AIDS. Only after initial research did I discover it was caused by homosexuals and what they did with each other. But, as I discovered, saying so is very dangerous to one’s liberty, health and legal status!

If this was true (homosexuals caused AIDS) I told myself, then I will get the same findings verified time and again... and so they were! I received official facts and figures... until the government suddenly realised where the statistics were going... leading to one sole source of AIDS – homosexuality. One government minister dared to say on TV that they had to cover up the cause, because otherwise there would be a “big backlash” against homosexuals if the public knew the truth. It is sad that the finger was not pointed! The same errors continue today in other spheres.

No minister again said anything remotely realistic after that. Instead they produced expensive ads that said ‘anyone’ could get AIDS, deflecting blame from those who caused it. Yes, ‘anyone’ who was homosexual can get AIDS! (Plus those innocents they infected, such as wives and others). Then, government fudged the facts and produced rogue figures, repressing truth and blurting out lies. From that time millions have died and all the establishment doctors and nurses were duped (and continue to be). The same wicked tactics are being used 35 years later! I am now, sadly, very used to being minimised and abused on these matters... and now expect it from many sides. Unfortunately though I can still speak out, it is only in a limited way, insufficient to spread the facts amongst Christians. Indeed, I did write a book on this but the publisher reneged on our contract the day before printing! No-one is prepared to publish anti-homosexual since. And the same is happening with Covid as big tech Amazon, Facebook and Google prove. No genuine science allows for this kind of silencing of alternative views. Only socialism wins the right to speak.

‘Does the Virus exist?’

It has been suggested that I am telling people the virus does not exist. I have never said this. What I am saying, is that there appears to be a virus now leading to what is called Covid. What we do not know, is if it is really a form of flu, or a separate entity. And as I say above, I do NOT believe there is a pandemic, but I do believe there is an epidemic. This is because a genuine pandemic affects many people from a wide sector of the population, indiscriminately. I have shown how WHO has manipulated and changed definitions of what is a pandemic etc., to suit political demands. The virus, whatever it is, appears to mainly affect the elderly who have serious conditions. A few are outside this general population, but hardly worth talking about in statistical terms.

As for the spiralling deaths after the injection... the deaths and injuries come very quickly after being injected. It would be very foolish not to associate the two, at least until science can (maybe) find another reason for what is happening. Oddly, many who receive the injection glorify it and even think of it as a fashionable thing to do!

Why are influential people taking a deadly injection?

Influential people are just as prone to believe bad science as anyone else. Look how evolution is believed wholesale even by scientists. Behind it is NOT science but beliefs. And if people are told something is okay they will take it. The dissenting voices are not published, so they do not hear of views antagonistic to the ‘official’ ones. There is also a possibility that those who take it are not given the fake vaccine anyway. It is easy to inject with sterile water even with cameras on a person!

It has been suggested I have said people who take the vaccine will be dead within six months. I have never said that. It is either a quote from others, or something that I properly defined. How would government cover up a lot of deaths by injection? That bit is easy for a government that can influence a whole nation to believe they are in deadly danger from a wicked virus! That is IF a lot of people die from the injection. It is certainly being mooted by many, but my own attitude is ‘wait and see’, because the time scale is so brief we cannot make ANY major claims to success or otherwise. I hope those who foolishly take the injection will remain well and free from blood clots (the main cause of death from the injection at the moment).


As I said a month or two ago, my time reporting extensively on Covid will soon be over. I believe God is moving me on. He has caused me to become involved in a number of serious subjects over the years. Covid is the latest, and the way it has panned out, it has taken the same course as other topics... government lies, scientific deception, public mass fear and belief in things said, and ensuing disaster in many ways. I have done what needed to be done, and Christians must believe either a lie or the truth; they must either listen to unsaved experts with their own unscientific agendas, or to scriptural denial of lies and teaching of real facts.

As an observer, I am waiting to see what comes next with worldwide governments, and urge readers to understand that the virus itself is ‘small fry’ compared to the promised ‘great reset’ and Marxist demands to take over the world. For me the virus and fake vaccinations are just a part of this move by wealthy elites to change the world and how it is run, including mass depopulation.

Most folks only see a virus, but people like myself see a host of other factors all joined as one. This is probably why some don’t understand where I am coming from. In the very first topic given to me by God – AIDS – I was virtually destroyed even by Christian magazines, who instead put homosexual ‘Christians’ on a pedestal while calling me all kinds of names. That saga has not ended and never will. So, when I see so many Christians duped by government claims and unscrupulous scientists, I am not surprised... but I feel sorry for all those Christians who still cannot see the truth. No matter, because I will soon be loosed by God from this era of Covid, to do better things. Take the injection if you wish – but remember that someone has to be the statistical one to die or be seriously injured. Will it be you? I have done my duty, and that is all I wish to know. I wish everyone well, and continue to caution those who are duped by governmental sincerity.

April 2021