Abortion is murdering a baby. No surprise then that it results in mental health problems. © Dmitry Lukash | Dreamstime.com

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abortion is murdering a baby dreamstime xs 17990900The Daily Mail (1st Sept 2011) says women who have abortions "face double the risk of mental health problems".

I knew this way back in the early 70s, because it was a well-attested fact in psychiatry. But, over the years it got buried under feminist and socialist garbage. My wife worked on a women's ward in a local hospital, and saw hundreds of women and girls turn up for abortions, many of them multiple times.

It is claimed that no woman has an abortion lightly. What a farce! What my wife learned is they DO have them lightly. But, they had no true counselling and did not know the actual facts. Nor were they warned of the consequences.

It is fact that many wanted to get rid of their baby because they had 'social' reasons - a new dress no longer fitted; they wanted to go to an 'important' party or function; they could not be bothered to look after kids; they wanted to get that vital job; they didn't want a baby ruining their figure. The list runs on and on. And that went for most of the abortionees, many of whom were well-known to nurses because they had been in many times, sometimes within months of previous abortions. THAT is the hard truth!

One in ten of ALL mental health problems have been traced back to abortion. That is why British MP, Nadine Dorries, is trying to table a motion to change abortion laws, so that every applicant for abortion MUST have independent counselling, where the truth can be given. That might seem ordinary, but Dorries is now receiving DEATH THREATS for her more than reasonable stance!! It shows just how evil pro-abortionists can be.

Many make a profit out of 'counselling' women who want abortions, and none (to my knowledge) are advised not to go ahead.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have endorsed Dorries' action, but the original author of the idea, Prof. Priscilla Coleman, is also under death threats from USA protagonists! As with all theorists who want total sexual freedom, they cannot be bothered to argue their case - they just throw out death threats! Which tells us all we need to know about the legitimacy of their claims. Which should have been strangled at birth!

Research shows that women who abort are susceptible to anxiety, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide... as well as irresponsible promiscuous sexual activity, violence and other bad behaviour. Most of them have had 'counselling' from pro-abortion groups and even NHS nurses who support feminist nonsense. So, the health risks to women who have abortions are increased.

Some might argue that this is just a minor research finding - but it is not!

It is based on the experiences of 877,000 women, 163,831 of whom had an abortion at some time. And those who aborted had an 81% probability of increased mental health risks. Why? Because, despite feminist claims, abortion is murder, and every woman knows this deep inside their psyche. They have killed a life begun by God, for only God can create a living foetus from a coupling. Of course, feminists and others constantly claim a foetus is 'not a child', which is sheer bunkum! So it makes it easier to abort.

Note: One other reason for mental imbalance is, however, never spoken of - incest.
In my own work, and by examining the case files of my patients, I discovered the horrifying fact that a huge number of them had indulged in incest; some from a young age, but others starting in their teenage years! The numbers were so frequent that I could not discount it as a possible cause for their current condition.

The truth is plain - mess about with God's laws and you can expect trouble! I know this from many years counselling and Bible teaching/pastorship. Frankly, I don't care what wicked men and women claim, because I see the result of sin every day.

ALL mental health problems arise from one sin or another. But much blame must be attached to those who should know better, the very professionals who 'make' people into mental cases. What can we expect from unsaved people who reject or hate God, or who just do not know Him?

© 3 September 2011

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