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There are times when life is just a sigh.

That’s because life is life and things happen!

As I watch the COVID antics I sigh... I think of Alice who fell down the rabbit hole. From that moment on she met with all kinds of ridiculous and even disturbing actions... until she got back out
and rejoined normal life.

Watch water in a sink going down the plug-hole... It seems to swirl fairly slowly until the last few inches are reached. Then it appears to swirl down very fast and almost insanely. 

This is how I see the COVID debacle. We are gazing at our own navels.

Today... more from Manchester. More from ‘experts’. One expert was a professor of health psychology. But what she said can be said by anyone without a degree. 

Shadow cabinet members... ,the usual, hitting-out at Conservatives who, of course, are dealing with everything in a shambles. The same thing is pushed by Democrats in the USA... anything that harms their opposition will do to attack and kill off ideas and actions.

In reality, leaders of actual governments (NOT sleazy and bitter politicians not in government) have all experienced the same problems!! A new virus – no clue about what it is or what to do about it – so, a shambolic dive into the unknown. It is always easy for opposition parties to poke fun or be angry... because they are not in power and do not have the rule. They can say  anything at all, because there are no comebacks. And this brings its own very real dangers. In the USA Marxist Dems are blaming Trump for COVID problems, so they might gain more votes. Same is happening in the UK. It is one big con trick.

Despite it all, the same facts emerge... the virus is real enough BUT leaders and others who insist it is a grave danger are being less than truthful. It IS a very real danger to those over 60, especially if they have preconditions. BUT, again, less than 1% die of it.

A relative few will have ongoing problems with health, but, as I have said many times (because I watch and study the figures and facts as any intelligent person does) and I see a virus that is weaker than flu, produces fewer deaths than flu worldwide, and WILL run its course, as any virus does. It might end abruptly or linger on. But, it WILL follow the rule of all viruses – it will carry on until it peters out. What we do is like kids splashing about in a pool... lots of activity, lots of splashes, but the water is still in the pool!!

Lockdowns are violence against society. One reader of our website  readers accused me of seemingly only talking about the economy and not lives. This is drama-queen talk. OF COURSE I think of the lives. I can’t help BUT do so, because my wife and I are in that ‘danger zone’ by age and precondition! But, I don’t want to live in fear when there is no need. Put it another way – huge numbers are killed on the roads every year. If I applied the same reasoning as we have with COVID, I will stay at home and never again walk on pavements, just in case a car mounts it, nor would I cross the road (in case a car is driven through a crossing), nor would I drive (in case I crashed)!!

What is the common factor? Common sense. Instead of crumbling when life comes full force with a new thing, we must carry on (just like that famous saying from WW2). Don’t panic!! in the middle of a football crowd you may not see the floor let alone the edges of the crowd. In the middle of the countless orders and rules made by government about the virus, it would be very easy to get lost in the general milieu, which is absurdly frantic. A saying comes to mind; ‘I can’t see the wood for the trees’.

Government changes its mind all the time because it is ‘following the science’. One problem with this is that they 0are often following the wrong science. To be more precise, 
they are following the wrong scientists. I know this is true because of the way governments and big ventures such as Facebook etc., are banning alternative views.

This is a very good indication that there is an agenda.

The COVID response is nothing to do with science, but with the repulsive globalist agenda... to impose socialism on the entire world. This is what is becoming clearer as the responses are rolled out with ever-deafening calls to obey, obey, obey.

As I have watched the whole scenario, I see governments wanting to control. As they inflict us with their ideas, hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. The lower down the pay scale they go, the more likely they will suffer the consequences of lockdowns. This is because people on the lowest wages have no savings and no fallback plans. The only fall back is down to the dirt.

Having been in poverty for almost two decades I know the score for the low-paid. They get laid off and become unemployed.

For the low paid there is no real come back from that.

The economy, then, is ultra important.

But notice something... people lose their jobs and small businesses. But those who charge them rent or expect mortgage payments still get their money! Thus there is a secret sector in society that continues no matter what happens. But government doesn’t thus stop those payments.

Friends, all we need is common sense. COVID has been made into a whole new industry where only MPs and other governments sectors win. Indeed, MPs look certain to glean another foul £3,500 to put in their back pockets even as many thousands suffer badly and go under! They get paid too much anyway, but it doesn’t matter, because they do not have their jobs removed or have to sign as unemployed! They still get paid their huge salaries. But they insist on making most of the UK unemployed or sick.

There is so much to say. Really, I should have started to write a book about the whole sorry comedy of errors. Anyway – just bear in mind... the virus will carry on its work until it peters out. No government can work against it.

All we need to do is maintain a distance from those with symptoms. We can’t do anything about people who do not have symptoms but have the virus, but this is the same thing with flu!! Stop panic. GET REAL!!