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Welsh ‘experts’ tell us Wales will have to wear masks for the foreseeable future, and maintain social distancing etc., because Covid will probably return again. (Similarly in Scotand

This is abuse of power.

The virus, weaker than an ordinary flu, will continue until it runs its course. This is what virus always do. There is nothing new about SARSCoV2. It has been invented as something new and terrible so as to aid governments in their wicked rush to adopt the ‘great reset’... the handing-over of all populations to socialism (or. rather. Marxism).

Keeping healthy people locked up in their homes is a tragedy and a farce. The measures taken are invalid and unscientific. YET EVERYONE OBEYS!!
A vaccine that is not a vaccine is being forced on people, but it has no known benefits, has not been tested properly, has bad side effects, including death, and will not protect against Covid in the future!!

I don’t take flu vaccines because they are not proved to work, and new vaccines are needed annually. The Covid vaccine is NOT a vaccine – it is a gene manipulator. It alters our genetic makeup and NO-ONE knows how this will turn out for future generations.

And how can anyone say it works, when the virus is on the wane anyway?!! When we all submit to government on this, everyone will be vulnerable... NOT from the virus, but from totalitarianism. Churches have been a target in all this, and pastors submit. WHO IS SPEAKING OUT??

Of course, government warns of a ‘second wave’ of Covid. As I have said before, this is bunkum. Viruses don’t hide away to make people feel complacent and then jump out again with a loud “Aha!!” and start up again!! It isn’t how virus spread works.

Another thing prominent today is the quoting of numbers of (supposed) infections. This has been the case since last summer when it seems Covid reached its real peak. Because people stopped complying government rerouted and began to drop actual deaths numbers in favour of infections. This is a sleight of hand! infection rate is of no real consequence... what matter is the DEATH rate, which hasn’t increased. In fact even this rate can be questioned given false test results and lies told by government.

Vaccine fever is so rampant people are falling over themselves to get it... even though there is no reason to do so. A virus with a 0.1% death rate does not warrant a vaccine, especially not a gene altering agent that is fraudulently called a ‘vaccine’.

Friends, this is a huge con-trick and most people have been duped. Thus, they allow a foreign substance to be injected into their bodies even though the results over time are unknown, and soon after being given the fake vaccine, many suffer or die.

THE MORE YOU SUBMIT THE MORE YOU WILL BE ABUSED. All because of a weak virus? Nope – all to bring in totalitarianism worldwide.


What DOES work?

Even the new ‘variant’ (that is IF it IS a variant) is not worse... it simply spreads faster (or so they say – how they can say so is questionable), so you might catch it a day earlier!! So don’t worry about it. Little has changed about Covid... so I repeat what has always been said...

1. ONLY those with symptoms should stay at home. But so should those with colds or flu! It is ‘good manners’ and sensible. To say that people without symptoms are passing on the virus is
propaganda not tried science. It is just a way to stop people going out!

2. You only need to wash your hands if you have been in contact with surfaces that are contaminated. So if you have been locked in for weeks, it is absurd to keep washing your hands frequently! Don’t you get it yet? And, goods in a supermarket have already gone through at least a few days distribution before reaching the shelves. So any contamination is
likely to be zero. It is just a propaganda demand to make you comply. If you must touch possible contaminated surfaces, just wear vinyl gloves and then throw them away!! Common sense! However, the chance of getting Covid by touching, say, goods bought in a supermarket is almost nil. For myself, I have not done anything like this since last summer!! Get real.

3. There is no evidence that masks do anything except make you feel odd. Indeed, many experts warn against masks, because not only do they NOT work, but they can increase your risk of lung, stomach, throat and mouth/nose fungi and infections. Or they cause you to be oxygen depleted, as a mask did last year and I fell down stairs in a supermarket!!

4. As I have already reported, a virus forcefully expelled from the lungs can travel MANY yards, so six-feet distance is absurd. Simply talking does nothing.

5. Lockdowns are ridiculous and are equal to suicide... huge numbers of people continue to suffer because of these unworthy and unscientific actions. They are the demands of a socialist government, designed to see just how far people can be pushed. We are complying NOT because of a virus, but because of a worldwide desire to make the whole world socialistic/Marxist.

So – stop your fear!! Start to live again!