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You might remember that Britain's oldest woman to have a child via IVF, Sue Tollefsen, was in her early sixties; and it caused quite a bit of argument in the media. Earlier this year, she admitted it was a big mistake – at her age she simply can't keep up with the energy that a baby and young child demands  (Telegraph, 21st March 2012). There are good reasons why a woman's reproductive system stops working at a particular age!

IVF has also, in the past, been given to couples (many of them unmarried) who already had children. And all this is at the expense of the tax-payer. But, the worst is yet to come...

Today, the government vowed to open up free, automatic, IVF treatments to same sex couples!!

Apart from the perversity of the acts they indulge in, there is a definite perversity in using tax monies to fund IVF for these people. Why? Because they are more than capable of producing babies on their own!!

They choose to circumvent the proper and natural order of reproduction, and, though physically able to become pregnant by normal means, they ignore it; and instead, expect everyone else to fund not just their nasty sexual habits, but also their desire to have babies.

It cannot be justified. This is not acceptable.

This kind of thinking also applies to other cases where tax is used to pay for someone else's sins – such as drug addiction. David Cameron has even said he'd like to give young thugs on rough estates money to buy branded trainers, in the hope this will change them!! All this is so unrealistic and wicked.

Drug addicts go to a clinic to get new needles or to be given heroin substitutes... and then go and get stuff illegally on the street anyway. And young thugs will just laugh at these efforts to make them into model citizens by paying them... they'll just go out and terrorize anyway.

Paying for same sex couples to have babies is both derisory and evil. These couples rarely stay together for more than two years. They are known to be very promiscuous and violent. Therefore, babies are being brought into a world of sexual depravity, violence and insecurity. Now that really is governmental stupidity at its height. They may as well hand babies over to paedophiles, or killers. Due to the erosion of Christian morals, there is already a problem with normal couples who abuse children and put them at risk. Now, this will be increased by giving babies to people whose lives are already risky, dangerous and unhealthy.

Meanwhile, Christians refuse to live holy lives, righteous before the Lord. Soon, we will reap the whirlwind for allowing it all to happen without so much as a weak whisper. God will indeed punish these wicked couples. But he will also wreak havoc in the lives of those of us who know better, because we do not stand up for truth, honour and God's demands. Already, God gave the world of homosexuality AIDS, which affected everyone who lived a sinful sexually-promiscuous life. But, the world did not listen, and homosexuals ramped-up their activities, making matters far worse.

Because of this wilfulness, we have now been given a second wave of homosexually-produced disease, so awful it can affect those who do not indulge in perverse or unnatural sex, and even Christians. It is our just penalty. It is certainly a grave judgment on all homosexuals. But, they won't stop what they do, because Satan has grabbed them by the throat and they have been given the green light to be even worse than before. We are under the direct punishment of God. The only answer is repentance. As for homosexuals, God will soon stop them in their tracks with a decisive and awful judgment.



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