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Recent events in Greece and Italy reveal that when a sovereign state that just so happens to be a member of the EU runs into trouble, the EU will simply take it over, disregarding the people!  Italy's new Prime Minister (PM), Mario Monti, is an ex-EU commissioner, which shows that he is not in the habit of being elected to office by the people. He also wishes to form an entirely new cabinet - which will likely be similar to how Obama appointed all of his 'ex-communist' mates to 'Czar' positions.

>In essence, several of Europe's failing countries are becoming Technocracies - where supposedly technically skilled economists are put into governmental positions, without being elected, in order to sort out the failing economies of said countries. And these technocracies are being created via what is essentially a coup d'état in every way except that the coup has not been done with violence, but via traitorous politicians. These respective  technocratic governments have no reason to fulfil manifesto pledges, because they didn't make any (not that European governments are in the habit of keeping promises anyway)! They also have no reason to try to please the people - they are there to do things that ordinary governments would be unable to do. Scary.

The following excerpt is from euobserver.com, and the full article can be read here


BRUSSELS - A former EU commissioner has been installed as prime minister of Italy after right-wing leader Silvio Berlusconi bowed to the pressure of financial markets and resigned on Saturday evening.

Mario Monti was appointed head of government by President Georgio Napolitano on Sunday (13 November) to set up a tight cabinet of technocrats with the aim of pushing through radical economic policy changes.

Monti served as internal market and financial services commissioner from 1995 to 1999 and then took over the competition dossier at the EU executive from 1999 to 2004.

The Brussels man, who in a highly unusual manoeuvre was appointed senator for life on 9 November by the president in order to lay the ground for his installation in the country's top office, is understood to want to form a slimmed-down cabinet of some 12 non-politicians, although Monti would not say who he will appoint as ministers.

Read the full article here


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