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Today, the Home Secretary was accused by the 'Border' chief, Brodie Clark, of lying. She said she knew nothing of the scandal of the Borders Agency relaxing passport controls, thus letting in many illegal and terroristic immigrants. Clark claims she was the one who ordered the changes, and so she is misleading MPs. (Do they need to be misled, when they are so good at misleading the country anyway?). Do you believe her? I don't.

It amazes me how our wondrous 'leaders' compromise our country by stupid orders and then pretend they have nothing to do with it! Their managers do not act on their own initiative! Mr Clark is now launching a Tribunal bid to get the facts into the light. Serves her right. It is good to see this homosexualized minister getting the flack she deserves it. Of course, May refuses to resign - don't they all? We can well be rid of her. She authorized a reduction in passport checks (see front page, Daily Mail, 9th Nov), and now she is blaming her appointee.

The reduction, if not almost complete neglect, to investigate every incomer is not new! In 2002 I was told by a senior health professional that all health checks were abandoned at the airports and ports, and this was the direct cause for the sudden jump in cases of TB, which had been eradicated in the UK for some time. A similar position applies to other diseases. She also told me that when she had to go and find immigrants, even whole families, because they were suspected of having TB, they vanished after her first visit, thus spreading their diseases even more! Of course, they were illegal anyway!

In 2007 I was told by a security professional that the Borders were not being checked and that controls were being 'relaxed', thus allowing in immigrants at a fast rate. That was under Labour - so it is ironic that Labour MPs are baying like wolves now they are not in power! It was Blair and Labour who sanctioned the ever-growing influx of undesirables and terrorists, and those who pay nothing but demand much. It was the EU they pay homage to, that insisted on the ruin of the UK, and Blair gladly complied. So, Labour MPs should back-off.

I do not trust our MPs or other leaders. They are full of lies and fraud, and love their own importance. They do not serve the country but themselves, yet they obey the EU but not the people. That's because they know they will be rewarded by the EU for being turncoats.

So - this problem with the Borders is an old one, started by Blair. It has been continued by Cameron, and if he rejects the idea that he is responsible, then we must ask why he calls himself the Prime Minister, if he claims not to be in control of his juniors and does not know about such major policies! Of course he knows! Our government is duplicitous, fraudulent and deceiving. What hits the headlines is always known to them well in advance, because they are the ones who cause the problems. In this case one Marxist-socialist started what another Fascist-socialist is continuing. What's the difference? They are all the same!



© 9th November 2011

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