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"A ComRes poll for The Independent has found that 49% of the British public think “the Government should prioritise getting favourable trade deals with EU countries when negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU,” whereas only 39% said the Government should “prioritise reducing immigration”. However, twice as many older Britons than younger Britons believe Prime Minister Theresa May should focus on reducing immigration – 48% to 25%." (Open Europe, 17 October 2016)

Note how older people understand the impact of immigration better than younger people!

"The Financial Times reports that Prime Minister Theresa May has not ruled out continuing the UK’s contribution to the EU budget in order to secure greater access to the single market. Oliver Letwin, former chief policy advisor to David Cameron, is quoted as saying, “If we have to buy this market access by making continuing contributions to EU budgets, that may well be a price worth paying, given the number of UK jobs that are involved.” (Open Europe, 17 October 2016)

Also note how the UK is considering continuation of payments to the EU just to get access to the single market!!!

If you remember the figures I issued before the Brexit referendum, they show that the EU countries would suffer far more than we will by refusing us access. To continue paying the EU after Brexit is like paying the government to enter our own front door!! There is little point in Brexit if government continues to pay exorbitant fees to the EU. These fees would ensure we remain prisoners to an EU that acts like a school-yard bully.

We MUST have Brexit alone, regardless of any deals done for trade. And if we must retain EU rules and Payments, we should ignore them and lose trade if necessary... though EU industries will soon complain, as the UK puts its own trade enforcements in place!


The EU is trickier than a barrel load of monkeys, and it will deceive us at every turn. So will our government!